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About Fungus

Nail fungus can sometimes be treated by oral medications prescribed by your doctor, but as is the case with many pharmaceutical treatments, many individuals don’t like the idea of taking yet another prescription to treat a condition that isn’t life-threatening, considered merely cosmetic.

Oral antifungals all have side effects, the most severe being liver damage. Oral medications are generally safe, but require blood tests to monitor for liver problems. Fungal therapy is more convenient, and lacks the potential side effects that these pharmaceuticals carry with them.

Part of the appeal of Fungal Therapy is the fact that it is an easy and quick procedure. Using the laser, the nail fungus can be treated very effectively, and does not require any down time for recovery. The patient merely visits the laser technician, whom performs the treatment in about 15-20 minutes. The patient is then able to return to whatever they were doing that day, including going back to work, because there is no pain associated with this treatment.

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