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Facial Volume Loss

About Loss of Facial Volume

Looking for an instant remedy for tired eyes, thinning lips, deep folds and hollowing cheeks? The answer is not found in sleep or diet (at least not entirely). Dermal filler treatments offer instant improvement to areas of lost volume.

For Vancouver, BC patients, artful hands of the highly experienced physicians of Eternal Skin Care helps refresh a tired complexion for a subtle, all-natural reinvention of your facial contours. Eternal Skin Care estheticians are recognized as a luminary trainer of advanced injection technique and is well known for natural aesthetic. Revive your complexion – Eternal Skin Care will help you look as good as you feel… and even better!

Treatment Options


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The primary goal of Eternal Skin Care is to unify optimal safety, experience and treatment outcomes. If you have skin concerns and you are considering treatment in Vancouver, BC, Eternal Skin Care welcomes you for a free expert skin consultation.


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